BAREFOOT the BEST If someone offers you footwear which already was in time on For kids it is better to choose footwear with the roundedoff form to carry other kid, politely refuse.

After even shortterm carrying the footwear gets a shape of a foot of the person which used it.

Do not save on acquisition of new children's footwear.

BAREFOOT the BEST THAT it is POSSIBLE to OFFER CIRCULATION FOR TRAINING AND the WALKING BEGINNING the Footwear is necessary for the child at various situations.

It is necessary to estimate realities of modern life correctly.

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Then to Colin

Then to Colin At first questions should belong only to Colin to things, and a draw it is more.

Then to Colin and the wellknown mother's.

Perhaps, even to one only mother's thing To Coca absolutely not easy to choose, on what follows to point a finger.

Consider it! And if from all directions you drag to it things, belonging to different owners, without having waited while he will understand a difference between a thing and mother's, only will confuse it After all it grandfather's slippers! Grandmother's points! you to Kolya.

It seemed so simply! Simply for you, but not for it.

At last Kolya understood everythin ceased to rest a finger against a breast to itself to one, what showed it, and your occupations turn in fascinating game.

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DevelopmentThus it is necessary to consider, of course that not allparents psychologically also can financially putin the training center musicality developmentthe child or mastering by it any tool.

But if there is a desire to harmonizelife of the kid to give it spiritual sense,the method of the doctor of Suzuki can be realizedin daily practice.

Development systemGlenn DomanaAbility to acquire new factsit is inversely proportional to age.

The g Is brokenSpaceunlimited possibilitiesMany years teachers of the different countries successfully useunique technique of the American pediatristGlenn Domana, connected with early developmentchild.

Results of experiments are amazingsmall pupils by four years read and understandtexts in several foreign languages,play various musical instruments,show brilliant mathematical abilities,carry out gymnastic exercises, perfectlyfeel in water.

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Game course

Game course Do, as I.

Meowmeow, I wash, washing movements To all on light I smile! smile Bear clumsy Purpose development of imitation movements of the adult; development of understanding of speech.

Game course Offer children game in a bear.

Let's play in a clumsy bear.

I will read a rhyme, and you repeat for me movements! The bear clumsy on the wood goes.

walking vperevalka Cones assembles, a song sings.

we do movements as if we select from the cone earth Suddenly the cone, directly to a bear in a forehead fell! slightly we hit with a palm on a forehead The bear became angry also a foot a top! we do an angry look and we stamp a foot Zainki Purpose development of imitation movements of the adult; development of understanding of speech.

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And in the face

And in the face Every possible scientific devices were applied to registration of results of experience.

And in the face of the amazed Stenfordsky scientists the strip of superfirm metal after all was bent, as if the zheleyny.

Thus at Geller was not the slightest possibility to deceive researchers.

It is remarkable that, except Geller, Stenfordsky scientists investigated fifteen children from Europe which possessed the same abilities.

These children were subjected to the same tests, as Geller, and all of them could repeat his experiment.

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